Trauma Junkies’ World (Book I)

Welcome to the world some only imagine, some witness from a distance, and some live on either side of the gurney. If you are in the business, you may think it’s overkill to read about it, but knowing how your peers feel can help. You are not alone in your victories, fears, haunting memories, or questions. If you view us from the gurney, you may be surprised about what we are really thinking and feeling, and how much the job leaves an impression on our hearts, minds, and lives. If you are looking for gory stuff and drama, you may find some of that, too, but for the most part, the focus of this site, and my books, is to share the innermost feelings of the people who live the life of caring for others, often more than they care for themselves.

To purchase this second edition of Confessions of a Trauma Junkie: My Life as a Nurse Paramedic from Amazon, go to After you read it, please leave your review on Amazon (thank you!).

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