… Seeking Behaviors

April 8, 2017

Someone told me recently that surely having survived these many years on the road, in ERs around the country, and a state prison, that I would be highly valued as an employee. At this writing, I’m job hunting. Who knew? Finishing my education gave me a voice, and for that I am grateful. Unfortunately, the medic/RN jobs physically broke me, so I’m looking for something that will put to use all that I have experienced and learned. Wish me luck.

My passion for more than 20 years has embraced addressing the needs of emergency responders who are exposed to occupational traumatic stress. They see and do the things people shouldn’t have to see and do, and the memories sometimes accumulate faster than the workers can process them. Some folks don’t want to process those experiences and live in a world of avoidance and denial. Some gratefully are not negatively affected. Resistance and resilience are odd fellows, and coping skills are not always adaptive.

This blog will be the writing of an essayist; the stream of consciousness ramblings of a nurse medic mental health person (what a combo plate). I hope you find something here of value, and if you’d care to suggest topics, please do. There are many forums these days to share thoughts. Facebook is one social media outlet for peer support, and I belong to several groups. Sometimes, though, people aren’t so nice, and I’m all about peace, acceptance, NO POLITICS, no drama. Be kind. Be supportive. Be grateful.

One of the reasons for going way into student loan debt was to have a voice. I was told that if you didn’t have a master’s degree in psychology (or something similar), you were not a mental health professional. I got it. I was told that until you got a doctorate (in almost anything), you were not a subject expert. I don’t agree with that position, but it is ubiquitous, so I got the doctorate. If that plus my years of experience gives credibility, then hallelujah Charlie. If not, then I hope you will listen just because I truly care. My voice means nothing if you take away no value, so I hope to be able to show support, touch your hearts, and provide some education for healing wounds and moving forward.

Or maybe I’ll make you laugh.

Namaste ~

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